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Are European Vocational Systems up to the Job?

Evaluation in European Vocational Systems


Klaus Breuer and Klaus Beck

The evaluation of vocational education and training (VET) is in the focus of this report. The authors have been members of the working group Evaluation and Assessment within the initiative «Flexibility, Transferability and Mobility as Targets of Vocational Education and Training» (COST Action A 11) initiated by the European Commission. Within this effort the reports on the progression of the vocational education and training systems have been compiled. They give proof of approaches and results for best practice within the participating countries. While the projects are tied up in the national vocational systems the volume gives evidence of the growing significance of vocational education and training within member states of the European Union.
Contents: Klaus Breuer/Klaus Beck: Preface: Cultures of Vocational Education and Training – Jan Johansson/Torsten Björkman/Marita Olsson/Mats Lindell: Qualified Vocational Education in Sweden - a New Form of Post-secondary Education – Geert Devos/Jef C. Verhoeven: In Search of ‘Good practice’ in School Self-evaluation: An Exploratory Study in Secondary Schools – Anu Räisänen: Education and Training of Vocational Sector - Object of External Evaluation in Finland – Stan McHugh/Marie Ena Walsh: Assessment in Vocational Education and Training in Ireland – Orsola Fornara/Stefano Volpi: The Integration of Educational, Vocational and Labour Market Systems in Italy: an Evaluation – Peter den Boer/Elly de Bruijn/Truus Harms: Integrating a flexible, transfer oriented experiment into regular Dutch VET, has it worked? – Klaus Breuer: Evaluation of Authentic Assessment in Vocational Examinations: Approaches within the German Dual System.