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Differentiation in the Modern Languages Classroom


Manuel Jiménez Raya and Terry Lamb

Languages curricula across the world are increasingly requiring teachers to acknowledge that all foreign language classes consist of individuals, and that all individuals bring with them their own ways of learning, their own strengths and weaknesses, their own previous experiences, and their own attitudes and expectations. In order to improve standards of language learning, the challenge for the language teacher is to manage these individual differences in the classroom, and to enable every individual to achieve his or her full potential and to succeed as a language learner. This book brings together a number of authors from Spain and the UK in order to offer support to those teachers, teacher trainers, students and advisors who are committed to ensuring that all language learners have the opportunity to learn in ways which are appropriate to them as individuals. It explores the nature of individual differences and the implications for developing language skills, and then offers ideas for managing learning in the classroom. A strong theme of the book is the need to encourage learners to take responsibility for their own learning, and to enable them to develop the skills to be able to do this effectively.
Contents: Manuel Jiménez Raya/Terry Lamb: Dealing with diversity in the modern languages class – Amanda Barton/Peter Downes: Differentiation and gender: boys and language learning – Julie Adams: Diversity and the place of foreign language learning on the school curriculum – Lindsey Smethem: Listening – Antonio Bueno González: Considering diversity in the teaching of speaking – Philip Hood: Differentiation in the reading classroom – Graeme Porte: Addressing diversity by diversion: individual revision in writing as a collaborative venture – Anne Convery: Managing differentiation in the modern languages classroom – Ramon Ribé: Individual differences in the FL classroom: a pedagogical perspective – Do Coyle: Managing the differentiated classroom: differentiation and learner autonomy – Terry Lamb: Individualising learning: organising a flexible learning environment – Manuel Jiménez Raya: Learning to learn for diverse learners – M. Sagrario Salaberri/Gabriela Appel: Assessment and diversity: development of personal identities through portfolios.