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The Gender Perspective

Innovations in Economy, Organisation and Health within the Southern African Development Community (SADC)

Isabell Welpe, Britta Thege and Shirley Henderson

Contents: Janis Grobbelaar: Foreword – Maxi Schoeman: Volume introduction: Where are the women and how are they today? An overview of the SADC region – Isabell Welpe: Introduction to economy within SADC – Ingrid Verwey: Discrimination and oppression that hamper entrepreneurial performance of women construction entrepreneurs – Amanda Du Preez: Is the subject of science and new technologies still sexed and gendered? – Matthias Spörrle/Isabell Welpe: Gender and entrepreneurship in South Africa - an exploratory empirical investigation – Britta Thege: Introduction to gender mainstreaming and organisations – Julie Stewart: Mainstreaming women and gender concerns: a missing link? – Karin Van Marle: A tentative response to gender mainstreaming inspired by some feminist reflections – Sheila Meintjes: The implications of institutionalising gender mainstreaming: Will it mainstream or sidestream gender issues? – Ingelore Welpe/Shirley Henderson/Britta Thege/Rina Wilken: An analysis of the gender dynamics in some faculties of the University of Pretoria – Ingelore Welpe/Shirley Henderson/Britta Thege/Rina Wilken: Phenomenon, place and perpetrator. An investigative study into sexual harassment at the University of Pretoria – Shirley Henderson: Introduction to health within SADC – Marjorie Jobson: The intersections of gender, HIV/AIDS and human rights – Michael Whisson: Aids in Africa - the mystification of a disease – Isak Niehaus: «Now everyone is doing it»: Conceptualising transformations of sexual violence in the South African Lowveld – Catherine F. Botha: Genetic technologies and gender: Why should the SADC care? – Ingelore Welpe: Volume conclusion: The Gender Perspective - the driving force for innovations and socio-economic development.