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Rethinking Peter Weiss


Jost Hermand and Marc Silberman

Weiss’s substantial œuvre has become a casualty of the cold war’s end, the collapse of socialism, and the beginning of a new millennium – as one would call it. This strikes us a valid reason to reconsider Peter Weiss – to face the challenge of rethinking the work of a writer and artist who was a committed socialist and utopian thinker at a time when these very categories have been fundamentally called into question.
Contents: Katja Garloff: Cosmopolitan Leftovers and Experimental Prose: Peter Weiss’s Das Gespräch der drei Gehenden – Julia Hell: From Laokoon to Ge: Resistance to Jewish Authorship in Peter Weiss’s Ästhetik des Widerstands – Alexander Honold: Deutschlandsflug: Der fremde Blick des Peter Weiss – Yvonne Spielmann: Theory and Practice of the Avant-garde: Weiss’s Approaches to Film – Klaus L. Berghahn: «Our Auschwitz»: Peter Weiss’s The Investigation Thirty Years Later – Michella E. Lang/Cordelia Scharpf/Jennifer Jenkins: Peter Weiss and the Third World – Robert Cohen: A Dream of Dada and Lenin: Peter Weiss’s Trotsky in Exile – Jochen Vogt: Ugolino trifft Medusa: Nochmals über das «Hadesbild» in der Ästhetik des Widerstands.