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Black Protest Thought and Education

Foreword by James D. Anderson


William H. Watkins

The modern American corporate-industrial state requires a massive ideological machine to establish social order, create political consensus, train obedient citizen-workers, and dispatch marginalized groups to their «place». Mass public education has helped to forge the modern political state that enforces social and racial inequality. Disenchanted African Americans, representing dissenting viewpoints, have vigorously protested this educational system, which is rooted in segregation, differentiated funding, falsehoods, alienation, and exclusion. This important book belongs in classrooms devoted to achieving racial equality in public education.
Contents: James D. Anderson: Foreword – William H. Watkins: Introduction – Sandra Richards/Sidney J. Lemelle: Pedagogy, Politics, and Power. Antinomies of the Black Radical Tradition – Daniel Perlstein: Minds Stayed on Freedom. Politics and Pedagogy in the African American Freedom Struggle – Haroon Kharem/Eileen M. Hayes: Separation or Integration. Early Black Nationalism and the Education Critique – Annette Henry: Black-Feminist Pedagogy. Critiques and Contributions – William H. Watkins: A Marxian and Radical Reconstructionist Critique of American Education. Searching Out Black Voices – Joy Ann Williamson: Community Control with a Black Nationalist Twist. The Black Panther Party’s Educational Programs – Beverly M. Gordon: Leadership, the Cultural Other, and Education in the New Millennium – Dionne Danns: Chicago Teacher Reform Efforts and the Politics of Educational Change – David Stovall: Critical Race Theory as Educational Protest. Power and Praxis.