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Intergroup Communication

Multiple Perspectives


Jake Harwood and Howard Giles

This collection of original essays by leading international scholars provides a comprehensive introduction to the study of intergroup communication. In Intergroup Communication: Multiple Perspectives, contributors address the key themes in intergroup communication and describe the way communication processes relate to different cultures, gender and sexuality, disability, linguistic issues, and age groups. The chapters examine the important role that intergroup processes play in interpersonal, small group, organizational, and mass communication. This book also considers the impact of new technologies on communication. Intergroup Communication will be invaluable for scholars in the areas of communication and intergroup social psychology and is suited for upper-division undergraduate and introductory graduate courses in those areas.
Contents: Jake Harwood/Howard Giles/Nicholas A. Palomares: Intergroup Theory and Communication Processes – Michael L. Hecht/Ronald L. Jackson II/Margaret J. Pitts: Culture: Intersections of Intergroup and Identity Theories – Christopher Hajek/Jessica R. Abrams/Tamar Murachver: Female, Straight, Male, Gay, and Worlds Betwixt and Between: An Intergroup Approach to Sexual and Gender Identities – Itesh Sachdev/Richard Y. Bourhis: Multilingual Communication and Social Identification – Angie Williams/Peter Garrett: Intergroup Perspectives on Aging and Intergenerational Communication – Ellen B. Ryan/Selina Bajorek/Amanda Beaman/Ann P. Anas: «I Just Want You to Know That ‘Them’ Is Me»: Intergroup Perspectives on Communication and Disability – Michael A. Hogg/R. Scott Tindale: Social Identity, Influence, and Communication in Small Groups – Neil Paulsen/Phil Graham/Elizabeth Jones/Victor J. Callan/Cindy Gallois: Organizations as Intergroup Contexts: Communication, Discourse, and Identification – Jake Harwood/Abhik Roy: Social Identity Theory and Mass Communication Research – Tom Postmes/Nancy Baym: Intergroup Dimensions of the Internet – Scott A. Reid/Howard Giles/Jake Harwood: A Self-Categorization Perspective on Communication and Intergroup Relations.