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Chaos, Complexity, Curriculum, and Culture

A Conversation


William E. Jr. Doll, M. Jayne Fleener, Donna Trueit and John St. Julien

Although the fields of chaos and complexity are important in a number of disciplines, they have not yet been influential in education. This book remedies this dilemma by gathering essays by authors from around the world who have studied and applied chaos and complexity theories to their teaching. Rich in its material, recursive in its interweaving of themes, conversational in its relationships, and rigorous in its analysis, the book is essential reading for undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals who deal with these important topics.
Contents: M. Jayne Fleener: Introduction: Chaos, Complexity, Curriculum, and Culture: Setting up the Conversation – William Doll: The Culture of Method – Donna Trueit: Watercourses: From Poetic to Poietic – John St. Julien: Complexity: Developing a More Useful Analytic for Education – Brent Davis: Interrupting Frameworks: Interpreting Geometries of Epistemology and Curriculum – Darren Stanley: Paradigmatic Complexity: Emerging Ideas and Historical Views of the Complexity Sciences – Sarah Smitherman: Chaos and Complexity Theories: Wholes and Holes in Curriculum – Robert Kahn: Prospects for Nonlinear Education: Reflections from Lord (Robert) May – John Shotter: Bringing Corporeal Life Back In: Chiasmic Relations and Poetic Understandings – Jens Rasmussen: Learning, Teaching, and Complexity – Kaustuv Roy: On the Critical Paradoxes of Cupid and Curriculum – Stacy Reeder: Classroom Dynamics and Emergent Curriculum – Sherrie Reynolds: Patterns That Connect: A Recursive Epistemology – Laura Jewett: Minding Culture – Hongyu Wang: Chinese Aesthetics, Fractals, and the Tao of Curriculum.