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Identifying Race and Transforming Whiteness in the Classroom

Fourth Printing


Virginia Lea and Judy Helfand

As educators, how do we challenge and interrupt the social construction of whiteness in ourselves, in the classroom, in schools, and in the wider society? Coming from diverse backgrounds, the contributors in this volume draw on their own well-examined experiences of race, racism, and whiteness in developing effective antiracist pedagogies and classroom activities that interrupt and contest whiteness. They have explored their own lives from the selective position of their own memories and have traced the ways in which their assumptions – which they use to mediate and interpret the world around them – have been constituted by public ideological forces. They have collaborated with others in building alternative pedagogies and support systems, enabling them to teach, and at the same time, reflect on the assumptions behind and the effects of their teaching. The result is the work collected here.
Contents: Judy Helfand/Virginia Lea: Introduction: Parallel Journeys to Identifying Race and Transforming Whiteness in the Classroom – Leny Mendoza Strobel: Teaching about Whiteness When You’re Not White: A Filipina Educator’s Experience – P. J. Hallam: Crossing Cultural Borders through Authentic Assessment of Classroom Discourse: A Freirean Approach – Eileen O’Brien: «I Could Hear You If You Would Just Calm Down»: Challenging Eurocentric Classroom Norms Through Passionate Discussions of Racial Oppression – Elena Featherston/Jean Ishibashi: Oreos and Bananas: Conversations on Whiteness – Laurie B. Lippin: Making Whiteness Visible in the Classroom – Sherry Marx: Exploring and Challenging Whiteness and White Racism with White Preservice Teachers – Kelly E. Maxwell: Deconstructing Whiteness: Discovering the Water – Rosemary Christensen: Teaching within the Circle: Methods for an American Indian Teaching and Learning Style, a Tribal Paradigm – Pauline E. Bullen: Naming Race and Racism as a Problem in Schools – Gary Lemons: When White Students Write About Being White: Challenging Whiteness in a Black Feminist Classroom – Grace Mathieson: Reconceptualizing Our Classroom Practice: Notes from an Antiracist Educator – Carlos Aceves: The Xinachtli Project: Transforming Whiteness through Mythic Pedagogy – Judy Helfand/Virginia Lea: Afterword: Taking It into the Classroom.