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Education and the Great Depression

Lessons from a Global History


E. Thomas Ewing and David Hicks

Education and the Great Depression: Lessons from a Global History examines the history of schools in terms of pedagogies, curricula, policies, and practices at the point of intersection with worldwide patterns of economic crisis, political instability, and social transformation. Examining the Great Depression in the historical contexts of Egypt, Turkey, Germany, Brazil, and New Zealand and in the regional contexts of the United States, including Virginia, New York City, Cleveland, Chicago, and South Carolina, this collection broadens our understanding of the scope of this crisis while also locating more familiar American examples in a global framework.
Contents: E. Thomas Ewing/David Hicks: Introduction: Education in the Great Depression – John F. Lyons: Regional Variations in Union Activism of American Public Schoolteachers – E. Thomas Ewing: The «Virtues of Planning»: American Educators Look at Soviet Schools – Michele Cohen: Civilization: Its Rise and Fall in New Deal School Murals – Charles Lansing: The Great Depression, German Teachers, and Nazi Revolution in the Schools – Regennia N. Williams: Reading, Writing, and Racial Uplift: Education and Reform in Cleveland, Ohio – Edward Janak: «Caught in a Tangled Skein»: The Great Depression in South Carolina’s Schools – Carol Mutch: The Sugarbag Years: Politics and Education Intersect in New Zealand – Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr.: One-Room and Country Schools Depicted in Farm Security Administration Photographs – Barak A. Salmoni: The Pedagogy of Work and Thrift: Economic Intentionality as Turkish Educational Priority – Kristen D. Nawrotzki: «Shall the Youngest Suffer Most?» U.S. Kindergartens in the Depression – Alberto Gawryszewski/Michael L. Conniff: Progressive Schools for a Democratic Society: Reforming Education in Rio de Janeiro – David Hicks/Stephanie Van Hover: «A Magnificent Adventure»: Negotiating and Structuring Curricular Change in Virginia – Amy J. Johnson: Encouraging Education, Increasing Income: The al-Manayil Village and Rural Education in Egypt – E. Thomas Ewing/David Hicks: Afterword: Lessons from a Global History.