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Sylvia Ashton-Warner and Excitability in Education


Judith P. Robertson and Cathryn McConaghy

No twentieth-century woman/teacher has provoked as much interest and perplexity as Sylvia Ashton-Warner (1908-1984). Her life reveals the fascinating dilemmas of classroom erotics, the dangers of intimacy in teaching and learning, the difficult and ambiguous nature of post-heterosexual attachments in women’s biographies, and the powerful fantasy that the objects of teaching lives are other than our own teaching selves. Provocations: Sylvia Ashton-Warner and Excitability in Education provides a groundbreaking and timely feminist re-visioning of Ashton-Warner. This book speaks not only to her enigmatic survivals, but also to education’s own submission to excitability and provocation.
Contents: Selma Wassermann: Preface: Dearest, Something Good Will Come of This… – Cathryn McConaghy/Judith P. Robertson: Sylvia Ashton-Warner: Reading Provocatively from Subject to Theory – Alison Jones: Sex, Fear, and Pedagogy: Sylvia Ashton-Warner’s Infant Room – Sue Middleton: «I My Own Professor»: Ashton-Warner as New Zealand Educational Theorist 1949-60 – Cathryn McConaghy: Teaching’s Intimacies – Tess Moeke-Maxwell (Ngati Pukeko/Ngai Tai-Umupuia): InSide/OutSide Cultural Hybridity: Greenstone as Narrative Provocateur – Judit Giblin James/Nancy S. Thompson: Imagination on the Edge of Eruption: Sylvia Ashton-Warner’s Volcanic Creativity – Anne-Louise Brookes: Who Is Sylvia?: (Re)reading, Con/structing, & (Re)constructing Textual Truth & Violence – Kathleen Connor/Linda Radford with Judith P. Robertson: Reading in(to) Sylvia: Interviews on Ashton-Warner’s Influence – Judith P. Robertson: Recovering Education as Provocation: Keeping Countenance with Sylvia Ashton-Warner.