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Queering Straight Teachers

Discourse and Identity in Education


Nelson M. Rodriguez and William F. Pinar

Much of the focus of anti-homophobic/anti-heterosexist educational theory, curriculum, and pedagogy has examined the impact of homophobia and heterosexism on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) students and teachers. Such a focus has provided numerous theoretical and pedagogical insights, and has informed important changes in educational policy. Queering Straight Teachers: Discourse and Identity in Education remains deeply committed to the social justice project of improving the lives of GLBT students and teachers. However, in contrast with much of the previous scholarship, Queering Straight Teachers shifts the focus from an analysis of the GLBT «Other» to a critical examination of what it might mean, in theory and in practice, to queer straight teachers, and the implications this has for challenging institutionalized heteronormativity in education. This book will be useful in courses on educational foundations, curriculum studies, multicultural education, queer theory, gay and lesbian studies, and critical theory.
Contents: Nelson M. Rodriguez: Preface: Just Queer It – William F. Pinar: Introduction: A Queer Conversation, Toward Sustainability – Elizabeth J. Meyer: «But I’m Not Gay»: What Straight Teachers Need to Know about Queer Theory – Jane L. Lehr: Beyond Nature: Critically Engaging Science to Queer Straight Teachers – Reta Ugena Whitlock: Queerly Fundamental: Surviving Straightness in a Rural Southern High School – Mary Louise Rasmussen/Jane Mitchell/Valerie Harwood: The Queer Story of «The Heterosexual Questionnaire» – Yin-Kun Chang: Beyond Soldiers in the Closet: Creating Queer Carnival and Aesthetic Dimensions in the Classroom – William F. Pinar: Punk’d – Cris Mayo: Intermittently Queer – John E. Petrovic/Jerry Rosiek: From Teacher Knowledge to Queered Teacher Knowledge Research: Escaping the Eoistemic Straight Jacket – Karen Anijar/Angelika Foerst: Snuff Curricula of Vulgar Scientism Meet the Queer Curriculum – David V. Ruffolo: Giving an Account of Queer: Why Straight Teachers Can Become Queerly Intelligible – Nelson M. Rodriguez: Queer Theory and the Discourse on Queer(ing) Heterosexuality: Pedagogical Considerations.