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Fictions / Realities

New Forms and Interactions


Jörg von Brincken, Ute Gröbel and Irina Schulzki

New Forms and Interactions is a collection of eleven articles highlighting the controversial relation between the two traditionally opposed realms. By determining the forms, conditions and consequences of interaction between fiction and reality, the texts in this book refute this opposition. They also reflect on the status of the deconstructed and reconstructed boundary that separates the two ontological realms and strive toward multiple possible applications of both terms. This volume features studies of various works of literature, film, photography, video and performance art, television, fan fiction and computer games and discusses their various interrelations and hybrid forms. The diversity of media and the plurality of approaches and academic traditions build the keystone of these discussions while opening them up to the non-canonised, formerly peripheral fields of comparative literary studies. The articles are grouped into three sections which focus on (1) forms of ‘interacting with fictions’, (2) the complexity of ‘indicating realities’ and the reality status of fiction, and (3) different methods involved in the ‘realisations of fictions’.