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“The Same, but Different”. A Cognitive Linguistic Approach to Variantivity


Aleksandra Majdzinska

This study focuses on the concepts of similarities and differences considered within the framework of cognitive linguistics and its understanding of mental construal as our ability to form alternate conceptualisations. The author employs selected cognitive models in the analysis of a variety of verbal, visual, and verbo-visual texts from the domains of literature, art, the press, as well as internet communication. With a focus on the practical dimension, the author suggests that comparing theme-related texts, alternative conceptualisations, and variations might be used as a strategy in teaching cognitive linguistics.

Similarity, resemblance, analogy – The art of choice: rhetorics and stylistics – Alternative conceptualisations in Cognitive Linguistics – Mental construal – Image systems – Conceptual metaphor – Conceptual integration – Variant construals and variations – Verbal, visual, verbo-visual variations – Teaching variations