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The Rise and Fall of Europeanization

What is Next for Turkey-EU Relations?

Çiğdem Üstün

The 2000s started with massive support for Europeanization but now, in 2017, whether the negotiations should be suspended is debated. What happened? How did we come to this point? And maybe more importantly, what is next for Turkey-EU relations? Those are some of the questions that this book tries to dwell upon. In its effort to answer these questions, it starts with a reminder of the golden years of Europeanization. The second part is on Populism and how populist rhetoric frames not only the politics, but also the public opinion on Turkey-EU relations. Finally, Differentiated Integration (DI) models, as alternative cooperation mechanisms, are analyzed. It is argued that DI models hold the risk of turning Turkey-EU relations into more interest-based pragmatic ones and overshadow democratic norms and values.

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