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Solemn Communion

A Critical Examination of the Current Practices Surrounding the Completion of Christian Initiation in Masaka Diocese (Uganda, East Africa)


Godfrey Katumba

This study examines how the process of Christian initiation is catechetically and pastorally practised currently in the Catholic Diocese of Masaka, Uganda. It integrates the author’s pastoral experience in the Diocese with relevant literature in order to examine Solemn Communion. It argues that the catechetical course known as Mugigi, which the missionary White Fathers mostly originally hailing from France introduced into the area of present-day Masaka Diocese circa 1906 and became correlated with the reception of Solemn Communion, would benefit from the indigenous education in the Buganda kingdom, not to mention the Bugandan traditional religious worldview. It concludes that such cultural elements would not only profit the inculturation process but would also inform the concept of Christian initiation.

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