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A Revolutionary Subject

Pedagogy of Women of Color and Indigeneity


Lilia D. Monzó

A Revolutionary Subject: Pedagogy of Women of Color and Indigeneity is a call to radical educators, grassroots organizers, and others on the left to recognize the enormous historical legacy of and potential for revolutionary praxis that exists among Women of Color and Indigeneity. This book revitalizes Marx’s dialectics to challenge class-reductionism, highlighting a class struggle that is also necessarily anti-racist, anti-sexist, and against all forms of oppression.

Acknowledgments – Preface: Walking With Grace, Fighting With Courage: Lilia Monzó’s Marxist Humanism by Peter McLaren – An Introduction – Indigenous Women and Women of Color on the Trenches of Freedom – Marx on Women, Non-Western Societies, and Liberation: Challenging Misconceptions – In Search of Freedom: My Road to Marx – Women Making Revolutionary History – En la Lucha Siempre: Chicanx/Boricua/Latinx Women as Revolutionary Subjects – Gendered and Racialized Capital: Tensions and Alliances – Pedagogy of Dreaming – Appendix: Martha: Undocumented and Invincible – Index.