Poetry Project

Irish Germanists Interpret German Verse

by Sabine Krobb (Volume editor) Jeff Morrison (Volume editor)
©2003 Edited Collection 278 Pages


This volume brings together forty interpretations of German verse produced by Germanists working at institutions of Higher Education in Ireland. The historical range of the contributions is extraordinary. They cover poems dating from 1663 to 1991, many of which reflect the radically divergent personal and socio-political circumstances which prevailed at the time of their production. However, the volume lays no claim to literary-historical exhaustiveness. Indeed the poetic preferences of the contributors mean that clusters of interest emerge; these clusters often reflect radical changes in the historical background and artistic climate. The formal range of the poetry covered, the English translations of the poems, and the diversity in the critical method of the contributors will make this volume a valuable resource.


ISBN (Softcover)
Aufsatzsammlung Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Deutsch Lyrik Geschichte 1663-1991 Irland Interpretation Gryphius, Andreas Klopstock, Friedrich Claudius, Matthias Chamisso, Adalbert von Hölderlin, Friedrich German verse
Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt/M., New York, Wien, 2003. 278 pp.

Biographical notes

Sabine Krobb (Volume editor) Jeff Morrison (Volume editor)

The Editors: Jeffrey Morrison is Lecturer in German at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. He received his BA, M.A. and DPhil from the University of Oxford. His publications include Winckelmann and the Notion of Aesthetic Education (Oxford 1996). Florian Krobb is Senior Lecturer in German at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. He received his Dr. phil. from the University of Göttingen. His publications include Selbstdarstellungen: Untersuchungen zur deutsch-jüdischen Erzählliteratur im neunzehnten Jahrhundert (Würzburg 2000).


Title: Poetry Project