Board of Directors

Claude Béglé
Chairman of the Board, Co-owner

Member of Swiss Parliament, Executive Chairman and CEO of SymbioSwiss

Claude Béglé started his career in International Relations with the Swiss Development Agency and International Red Cross, followed by a number of years in FMCG, before moving into the logistics sector. He was appointed chairman of the Board of Swiss Post by the Swiss Government in 2009. In 2010, he founded SymbioSwiss. He is Chairman of the Board of five companies and Board Member of several others. Claude Béglé is also a member of the Swiss Parliament (National Council) and a member of the Foreign Policy Commission.




Arnaud Béglé
Chief Executive Officer and Vice-Chairman of the Board, Co-owner

Board Member of SymbioSwiss, Swiss NeWater, fastree 3D (& secretary of GA), Tecuro, SlimSonic (Observer) Member of several Investment Selection Committees

Arnaud Béglé has experience in Consulting (strategy, internationalisation) and in Private Equity (deal sourcing, due diligence, valuation). Arnaud is a Certified International Investment Analyst. He is actively participating in the day to day operations of a number of companies. He is also director of SymbioSwiss’ Club of Entrepreneurs. He holds a Masters degree in Finance and Management from HEC Lausanne.



Abdurrahman Kaymaz
Member of the Board, Co-owner

Abdurrahman Kaymaz started his career at Peter Lang and has seen the company develop over several decades, managing the complete distribution, warehousing and logistics operation from different warehouses. He became co-owner of the Peter Lang Publishing Group in 2015.