Peter Lang has been present in Vienna since 1993. The office provides personalized guidance to authors and editors working on projects in Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia and Hungary.

Humanities and social sciences are the core disciplines in Peter Lang's program. In addition to literature studies and history, the Viennese office focuses particularly on German language & literature, linguistics, philosophy and theology.

Many of the series that stem from here have meanwhile become core elements of the publishing program, such as the German language & literature series Österreichisches Deutsch - Sprache der Gegenwart, the linguistics series Sprache im Kontext, and the theology series Österreichische Biblische Studien. The Slavic series Russian Culture in Europe is also firmly embedded in the portfolio.

The top priority of any and all publications is the quality of the content: all projects are peer reviewed prior to publication. In our capacity as the publisher, we make electronic tools available to editors for performing peer reviews and assist them in their communication. Equally, we can arrange for manuscripts to be proofread and corrected, if necessary.