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Edited by Shirley R. Steinberg and Shirley R. Steinberg

This innovative series addresses the pedagogies and thoughts of influential contemporary scholars in diverse fields. Focusing on scholars who have challenged the “normal science,” the dominant frameworks of particular disciplines, Teaching Contemporary Scholars highlights the work of those who have profoundly influenced the direction of academic work. In a era of great change, this series focuses on the bold thinkers who provide not only insight into the nature of the change but where we should be going in light of the new conditions. Not a festschrift, not a re-interpretation of past work, these books allow the reader a deeper, yet accessible conceptual framework in which to negotiate and expand the work of important thinkers.
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Shirley R. Steinberg

This reader demands that we understand diversity and multiculturalism by identifying the ways in which curriculum has been written and taught, and by redefining the field with an equitable lens, freeing it from the dominant cultural curriculum. The book problematizes the issue of whiteness, for instance, as not being the opposite of blackness or «person-of-colorness», but rather a meta-description for our dominant culture. Issues are also addressed that are usually left out of the discussion about diversity and multiculturalism: this reader includes essays on physical diversity, geographic diversity, and difference in sexualities. This is the quintessential collection of work by critical scholars committed to redefining the conversation on multiculturalism and diversity.
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Shirley R. Steinberg

Multi/Intercultural Conversations brings together voices from all over the world in the examination of critical pedagogy and the politics of identity in regard to viewing education as a global endeavor. The authors are teachers, parents, professors, and writers engaged in projects of social justice and education with the desire to open a conversation between both students and teachers about education in the new millennium.
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Toil and Trouble

Good Work, Smart Workers, and the Integration of Academic and Vocational Education

Shirley R. Steinberg

How do we reform schools in a way that will foster good work and produce smart workers? How does the post-Fordist economy change the purposes of schools? Joe Kincheloe answers these questions and more as he explores the political dynamics that connect schools and the economic system. In a unique take on the future of work and schooling, Toil and Trouble offers a provocative interpretation of the Perkins Act’s mandate to integrate academic and vocational education and provides a description of what a democratic school might look like. A must read for educators, labor leaders, business people and concerned citizens.
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Studies in Criticality

Edited by Shirley R. Steinberg

Counterpoints publishes the most compelling and imaginative books being written in education today. Grounded on the theoretical advances in criticalism, feminism and postmodernism in the last two decades of the twentieth century, Counterpoints engages the meaning of these innovations in various forms of educational expression. Committed to the proposition that theoretical literature should be accessible to a variety of audiences, the series insists that its authors avoid esoteric and jargonistic languages that transform educational scholarship into an elite discourse for the initiated. Scholarly work matters only to the degree it affects consciousness and practice at multiple sites. Counterpoints’ editorial policy is based on these principles and the ability of scholars to break new ground, to open new conversations, to go where educators have never gone before.
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Edited by Shirley R. Steinberg

Peter Lang Primers are designed to provide a brief and concise introduction or supplement to specific topics in education. Although sophisticated in content, these primers are written in an accessible style, making them perfect for undergraduate and graduate classroom use. Each volume includes a glossary of key terms and a References and Resources section. Other published and forthcoming volumes cover such topics as:

Popular Culture
Critical Pedagogy
Higher Education
John Dewey
Feminist Theory and Education
Studying Urban Youth Culture
Multiculturalism through Postformalism
Creative Problem Solving
Teaching the Holocaust
Piaget and Education
Deleuze and Education
Foucault and Education
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Edited by Shirley R. Steinberg

Critical research serves to address societal structures and institutions that oppress and exclude so that transformative actions can be generated that reduce inequitable power conditions. We invite proposals for authored and edited volumes that describe critical social science research (re)conceptualizations, practices, and methodologies that can be used by other scholars who wish to design and implement critical qualitative inquiry. Critical Qualitative Research challenges modernist orientations toward research by using social theory, designs, and research practices that emerge from critical questions like: Who/what is heard? Who/what is silenced? Who is privileged? Who is disqualified? How are forms of inclusion/exclusion being created? How are relations of power constructed and managed? How do various forms of privilege and oppression intersect to impact life possibilities for various individuals and groups? How do the arts inform research? How can multiple knowledges be engaged in research? How can research be socially just?
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Thinking Queer

Sexuality, Culture, and Education

Susan Talburt and Shirley R. Steinberg

Thinking Queer takes up the challenges of queer theorizing for education by interrogating the effects of representation through voice and visibility, the interplay of social and academic knowledges and ignorances, and the performative aspects of queer identities and practices. Engaging ethnography, philosophical policy, and social analysis, cultural and media studies, and theoretical stances from psychoanalysis to complexity theory, the essays in this volume challenge readers to move beyond the logic of identity politics in order to consider the limitations and possibilities of cultural and institutional policies and practices in K-12 and higher educational contexts. This volume offers analyses of queer subjects that frame possibilities for new forms of inquiry into queer politics and practices and suggests tactics for educational change.
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Media Literacy

A Reader

Donaldo Macedo and Shirley R. Steinberg

Media Literacy: A Reader produces a critical understanding of media culture designed to help students develop the ability to interpret media as well as understand the ways they themselves consume and affectively (emotionally) invest in media. Such an appreciation encourages both critical thinking and self-analysis, as students begin to realize that everyday decisions are not necessarily made freely and rationally. While we strongly believe that humans exercise agency, we understand that there are social, cultural, and political forces that affect agency. In this context our conception of media literacy analyzes the ways our everyday decisions are encoded and inscribed by emotional and bodily commitments relating to the production of desire and mood, all of which leads, in Noam Chomsky’s famous phrase, to the «manufacture of consent.» These complex pedagogical and ideological issues demand rigorous skills including questioning, analyzing, interpreting, and meaning-making. Media Literacy: A Reader is a comprehensive collection of essays that is sorely needed, as most of the academic work in the area is written not for an introductory audience, but for scholars in the field. It will shape the agenda in media literacy for years to come.
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Edited by Shirley R. Steinberg and Danny Weil

Books in this series will provide practical ideas on classroom practice for teachers and teacher educators that are grounded in a profound understanding of the social, cultural, political, economic, historical, philosophical, and psychological contexts of education as well as in a keen sense of educational purpose. Within these contextual concerns contributors will address the ferment, uncertainty, and confusion that characterize the Troubles of contemporary education. The series will focus specifically on the act of teaching. While the topics addressed may vary, EXtreme Teaching is ultimately a book series that addresses new, rigorous, and contextually informed modes of classroom practice. Authors will bring together a commitment to educational and social justice with a profound understanding of a rearticulation of what constitutes compelling scholarship. The series is based on the insight that the future of progressive educational reform rests at the intersection of socio-educational justice and scholarly rigor. Authors will present their conceptions of this rigorous new pedagogical frontier in an accessible manner that avoids the esoteric language of an "in group." In this context, the series editors will make use of their pedagogical expertise to introduce pedagogical ideas to student, teacher, and professional audiences. In this process, they will explain what they consider the basic concepts of a field of study, developing their own interpretive insights about the domain and how it should develop in the future. Very few progressive texts exist to introduce individuals to rigorous and complex conceptions of pedagogical practice: thus, authors will be expected to use their contextualized interpretive imaginations to introduce readers to a creative and 'Progressive view of pedagogy in the field being analyzed.