Méthodes participatives appliquées/Applied Participatory Methods

Méthodes participatives appliquées

ISSN: 2033-7906

Methodology and methods constitute the heart of social sciences and the mark of any academic endeavour. In recent years, the development of participatory methods broadly understood has led to the renewal of our methodological tools and techniques through the introduction into the research design of the citizens, the experts, the decision makers both private and public. These new methods deserve to be studied not only from an epistemological and a methodological perspective but also in their real-life applications. This series, «Méthodes participatives appliquées/Applied participatory methods», aims at fostering the debates related to the fast-growing development, renewal, and application of the participatory methods. It will be of interest to a wide readership: scholars in human and social sciences, undergraduate and graduate students, private and public decision makers, civil servants, journalists, politicians as well as citizens interested in this applied participatory perspective.
This series publishes, in English or in French, both individual and collective works such as monographs (including theses), collections of articles, conference proceedings, textbooks and collections of texts for students and bibliographies.