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  • Title: The Meta-Power Paradigm

    The Meta-Power Paradigm

    Impacts and Transformations of Agents, Institutions, and Social Systems-- Capitalism, State, and Democracy in a Global Context
    by Tom R. Burns (Volume editor) Peter M. Hall (Volume editor) 2013
    ©2013 Edited Collection
  • Title: Re-Theorizing Discipline in Education

    Re-Theorizing Discipline in Education

    Problems, Politics, and Possibilities
    by Zsuzsanna Millei (Volume editor) Tom G. Griffiths (Volume editor) Robert John Parkes (Volume editor) 2010
    ©2010 Textbook
  • Title: Media Edge

    Media Edge

    Media Logic and Social Reality
    by David L. Altheide (Author) 2014
    ©2014 Textbook
  • Title: Leadership across Cultures

    Leadership across Cultures

    by Jerzy Mączyński (Volume editor) Łukasz Sułkowski (Volume editor) Sylwia Przytuła (Volume editor) 2019
    ©2019 Edited Collection
  • Title: The Idea of Political Representation and Its Paradoxes

    The Idea of Political Representation and Its Paradoxes

    by Andrzej Waśkiewicz (Author) 2019
    ©2020 Monographs
  • Title: Technology and Resistance

    Technology and Resistance

    Digital Communications and New Coalitions around the World
    by Ann De Vaney (Volume editor) Stephen Gance (Volume editor) Yan Ma (Volume editor)
    ©2000 Textbook
  • Title: Stepping Across

    Stepping Across

    Four Interdisciplinary Studies of Education and Cultural Politics
    by Julia Eklund Koza (Author)
    ©2003 Textbook
  • Title: Foucault and Education Primer

    Foucault and Education Primer

    by Gail McNicol Jardine (Author)
    ©2005 Textbook
  • Title: Love and Death in Lawrence and Foucault

    Love and Death in Lawrence and Foucault

    by Barry J. Scherr (Author)
    ©2008 Monographs
  • Title: Online Territories

    Online Territories

    Globalization, Mediated Practice and Social Space
    by Miyase Christensen (Volume editor) André Jansson (Volume editor) Christian Christensen (Volume editor)
    ©2011 Textbook
  • Title: Hashtag Publics

    Hashtag Publics

    The Power and Politics of Discursive Networks
    by Nathan Rambukkana (Volume editor) 2015
    ©2015 Textbook
  • Title: Beauty, Reason, and Power

    Beauty, Reason, and Power

    Music Education in a Pluralist Society
    by William M. Perrine (Author) 2023
    ©2023 Textbook
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