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The Use of English in Institutional and Business Settings

An Intercultural Perspective


Giuliana Elena Garzone and Cornelia Ilie

Contents: Giuliana Garzone: Introduction – Paola Catenaccio: Constructing Identities in the Fashion Industry: Building Brand and Customer Image through Press Releases – Delia Chiaro: A Question of Taste: Translating the Flavour of Italy – Marinel Gerritsen/Catherine Nickerson/Corine van den Brandt/Rogier Crijns/Nuriá Dominguez/Frank van Meurs/Ulrike Nederstigt: English in Print Advertising in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands: Frequency of Occurrence, Comprehensibility and the Effect on Corporate Image – Cornelia Ilie: British, ‘Consensus’ vs. Swedish ‘Samförstånd’ in Parliamentary Debates – Daniela Wawra: On Course for the Next Stage of Success: the Annual Reports of U.S. and Japanese Companies – Kumiko Murata: The Discourses of Pro- and Anti-Whaling in the British and Japanese News Editorials: A Comparative Cultural Perspective – Maria Cristina Paganoni: Recontextualizing Language: Indian Activists and the Recasting of English – Stefanie Zilles Pohle: Offers in Irish English and German Business Negotiations: A Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Analysis – Grahame T. Bilbow: Speaking and not Speaking Across Cultures – Ora-Ong Chakorn: Written Business Invitations: A Cross-Cultural Rhetorical Analysis – Gina Poncini: Communicating within and across Professional Worlds in an Intercultural Setting – Carmen Valero Garcés/Bruce Downing: Modes of Communication between Suppliers of Services and Non-native English-speaking Users: Doctor-Patient Interaction – Cynthia Kellett Bidoli: The Linguistics Conference Setting: A Comparative Analysis of Intercultural Disparities during English to Italian Sign Language Interpretation – Catherine Nickerson: English as a Lingua Franca in Business Contexts: Strategy or Hegemony?