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Reforming Federalism – Foreign Experiences for a Reform in Germany

Reports of a Symposium held in Trier on December 2 nd to 4 th , 2004 - hosted by the Institute for Legal Policy at the University of Trier - in Cooperation with the German Bundesrat


Gerhard Robbers

Contents: Horst Risse: The Bundesrat in the Federal Legislative Process - Bicameralism in Germany – André Alen/Koen Muylle: The Belgian Senate in a Federal State - Origins, Practice and Reforms – Beniamino Caravita di Toritto: Bicameralism in Italy: Its Past, Present and Future Outlook – Hans W. Kopp: Fiscal Federalism: Switzerland – Peter Bußjäger: Reforms on Fiscal Federalism in Austria – Arthur Gunlicks: State and Local Government Finance in the United States – Jean Leclair: Reforming the Division of Powers in Canada: An (Un)Achievable Endeavour? – Eliseo Aja: The Debate about Competencies in Spain.