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The Role of Communication in Business Transactions and Relationships


Michael B. Hinner

Contents: Michael B. Hinner: General Introduction: Some Thoughts on Perceiving Business Transactions and Relationships – Charles R. Berger: Transparent and Opaque Communication: Coping with Uncertainty in Message Production and Processing – Edward T. Hall: Beyond Culture: Context and Meaning – Peter Bull: What Is Skilled Interpersonal Communication – Arthur B. VanGundy: The Care and Framing of Strategic Innovation Challenges – Timothy G. Plax/Louis F. Cecchi: Manager Decisions Based on Communication Facilitated in Focus Groups – Debbie D. DuFrene/Carol Lehman: The Role of Communication in Work Team Success – Angela Trethewey/Steve Corman: Anticipating K-Commerce: E-Commerce, Knowledge Management, and Organizational Communication – Theodore A. Avtgis/Andrew S. Rancer: The Theory of Independent-Mindedness: An Organizational Theory for Individualistic Cultures – Sarah J. Tracy: Becoming a Character for Commerce: Emotion Labor, Self-Subordination, and Discursive Construction of Identity in a Total Institution – Yasmin Gopal/Srinivas Melkote: New Work Paradigms? Implications for Communication and Coordination in Cross Cultural Virtual Teams – Radhika Gajjala: Shifting Frames: Race, Ethnicity, and Intercultural Communication in Online Social Networking and Virtual Work – Jensen Chung/Guo-Ming Chen: The Relationship between Cultural Context and Electronic-Mail Usage – Marco Yzer/Martin Fishbein/Joseph N. Cappella: Using Behavioral Theory to Investigate Routes to Persuasion for Segmented Groups: A Case Study of Adolescent Drug Use – Joseph Turow: Audience Construction and Culture Production: Marketing Surveillance in the Digital Age – Oscar H. Gandy, Jr./Zhan Li: Framing Comparative Risk: A Preliminary Analysis – Dirk Gibson: The Product Recall Blame Game: Public Relations Solutions for Product Recall Failures – Hui Zhang/Mei Zhong: Dynamics between Good Relation and Halo Effect in Crisis Management – Barbara Mueller: Ethics and Beyond: Corporate Social Responsibility and Doing Business in the Global Marketplace – Joseph Woelfel/N. J. Stoyanoff: The Galileo System: A Rational Alternative to the Dominant Paradigm for Social Science Research.