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Early Christianity in the Context of Antiquity

Edited By Anders-Christian Jacobsen, Christine Shepardson and Peter Gemeinhardt

The series ECCA (Early Christianity in the Context of Antiquity) seeks to publish monographs and edited volumes that take as their theme early Christianity and its connections with the religion(s) and culture(s) of antiquity and late antiquity. Special attention is given to the interactions between religion and culture, as well as to the influences that diverse religions and cults had on one another. Works published in ECCA extend chronologically from the second century B.C.E. to the fifth century C.E. and geographically across the expanse of the Roman empire and its immediate neighbors.

Prior to publication, the quality of the work published in this series is reviewed by the editors of the series and by members of the academic advisory board.

The editing guidelines for authors can be downloaded here.

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Prof. Dr. Anders-Christian Jacobsen
Prof. Dr. Christine Shepardson
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