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Inter-American Literary History and Culture / Historia literaria interamericana y sus contextos culturales / Histoire littéraire et culture interaméricaines

Edited By Marietta Messmer, Barbara Buchenau, Michael Drexler, Graciela Martínez-Zalce Sánchez and Gabriele Pisarz-Ramirez

The burgeoning field of Inter-American Studies interrogates the notion of traditionally bounded disciplinary territories while highlighting the United States’ internal cultural plurality and its multi-faceted interrelatedness with other countries. Focusing on complex forms of interdependence between Anglophone and Francophone Canada, the United States, Latin America as well as the Caribbean, this series is devoted to publications that analyze and reconceptualize American literatures, cultures, histories, borderlands, demographic migrations, as well as environmental and socio-political concerns within a postnational, subaltern, comparative, hemispheric, transatlantic, or transpacific framework.

Prior to publication, the quality of the works published in this series is reviewed by external referees appointed by the editorship.

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Prof. Dr. Marietta Messmer