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Beiträge zur klassischen Philologie / Contributions à la philologie classique / Contributions to Classical Philology

Edited By Thomas Schmidt, David Amherdt and Karin Schlapbach

As indicated by its name, this series is devoted to the interpretation of ancient Greek and Latin texts. It accommodates not only studies of special subjects and individual authors, but also annotated editions as well as commentaries. In the tradition of critical scholarship the collection is uncompromisingly philological without however excluding new approaches and methods of exegesis.

Each of the volumes represents independent and original research which contributes to the understanding of ancient texts whether in the form of critical exposition or the investigation of specific problems. It is in this sense that they genuinely further the discipline of classical philology. At the same time the series welcomes studies of the reception and influence of ancient texts including in particular the history of their transmission as well as the historical development of philology in its various aspects.

In order to reach as wide a readership as possible, publication is restricted to works written in those languages most commonly in use in classical scholarship. Special importance is attached to clear presentation and a choice of language that can be readily understood. Authors are moreover encouraged to provide translations wherever they would aid comprehension.

Ultimately Sapheneia should not only advance classical studies,but also deepen our understanding of the intellectual tradition of the western world.