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Discourses and Identities in Contexts of Educational Change

Contributions from the United States and Mexico


Guadalupe López-Bonilla and Karen Englander

Discourses and Identities in Contexts of Educational Change presents the work of fourteen scholars concerning the United States and Mexico. The authors explore current and changing educational contexts through the relationship between discourses and identities. These are contexts in which the participants must negotiate multiple, and sometimes conflicting, positions. The empirical studies reported here are grounded in contemporary theories of sociolinguistics and literacy practices, social relations conceptualized in dynamics of power, and identity representations. The book uniquely contributes to the challenges facing different educational communities in specific contexts by using discourse and identity as the conceptual tools to analyze the problematic and often unclear relationship among diverse educational actors immersed in contexts of change at the local, national, and global levels.
Contents: Guadalupe López-Bonilla/Karen Englander: Preface – Colin Lankshear: Introduction – Hugh Mehan/Nadia Khalil/J. César Morales: Going the Distance: The Challenges of Traversing Cultural and Geographical Space between Home and School – Elizabeth Birr Moje: Developing Disciplinary Discourses and Identities: What’s Knowledge Got to Do with It? – Guadalupe López-Bonilla: «Teamwork»: Conflicting Cultural Models of Gender, Class, School, and Family among High School Students – James Paul Gee: Reading, Language Development, Video Games, and Learning in the Twenty-first Century – Carmen Pérez-Fragoso: Between Physical and Virtual Spaces: The Literacy Practices of High School Students – Judith Green/Ana Inés Heras: Identities in Shifting Educational Policy Contexts: The Consequences of Moving from Two Languages, One Community to English Only – Alma Carrasco/Rollin Kent: Power, Identity and Discourse in the Institutionalization of Basic Education in Mexico – Karen Englander: The Globalized World of English Scientific Publishing: An Analytical Proposal That Situates a Multilingual Scholar – Guadalupe Tinajero-Villavicencio: Bicultural or Intercultural? The Official Discourse and Its Appropriation by Indigenous Teachers in Mexico.