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Transformative Leadership

A Reader


Carolyn M. Shields

This important, timely, and thought-provoking reader is a collection of original chapters by authors from five different countries, each of whom explores a facet of transformative leadership. Transformative leadership is fundamentally a critical approach to leadership that goes well beyond the tenets of most current leadership theories to focus on social transformation as the basis for both individual and collective achievement. The text clarifies and elaborates the concept, linking it to other theories including ways of thinking about curriculum and pedagogy to prepare leaders for a more transformative role. Transformative Leadership: A Reader provides examples of studies conducted using the lens of transformative leadership as well as of research re-analyzed through its perspective.
Contents: Carolyn M. Shields: Transformative Leadership: An Introduction – Jill Blackmore: Leadership in Pursuit of Purpose: Social, Economic and Political Transformation – Paul R. Carr: Transforming Educational Leadership Without Social Justice? Looking at Critical Pedagogy as More Than a Critique, and a Way Toward «Democracy» – Erica Mohan: From Cowardice to Courage: Breaking the Silence Surrounding Race in Schools – David Requa: Radical Leadership on the Borders of Difference – Anish Sayani: Transformative Leadership and Identity – Lyse Langlois: Looking at Transformative Leadership Through the Concept of Ethics – Steve Rayner: Managing Educational Diversity: Developing Transformative Leadership and Professional Praxis in the 21st-Century Learning Community – Deneca Winfrey: Unwrapping Tradition: Shifting from Traditional Leadership to Transformative Action – Jerry Starratt: Preparing Transformative Educators for the Work of Leading Schools in a Multicultural, Diverse, and Democratic Society – Daniel Reyes-Guerra/Ira E. Bogotch: Curriculum-Inquiry as a Transformative Educational Leadership Skill – Michael Dantley: Transformative Instructional Leadership: A Critical and Spiritual Engagement – Anne Marie Tryjankowski: Transformative Leaders in Bureaucratic Environments: A Juxtaposition of Assessment Leadership – Eric J. Weiner: Critical Thought/Creative Action: Developing a Curriculum and Pedagogy of Transformative Leadership – Andrew J. Barrett: Transformative Leadership in the Land of Milk and Honey: The Tension Between Public and Private Goods in Affluent School Communities – Paula D. Bieneman: Transformative Leadership: The Exercise of Agency in Educational Leadership – Iris H. Jun: Transformative Leadership in a Diverse Setting – Claire Lapointe: Northern Lights and Shooting Stars: Observing Educational Leaders in the North – Shirley R. Steinberg: Redefining the Notion of Youth: Contextualizing the Possible for Transformative Youth Leadership – Jorunn Møller: Promoting Equity and Social Justice: A Task Too Heavy for Individual School Principals? – Jean Archambault/Roseline Garon: Transformative Leadership: How Do Montréal School Principals Ensure Social Justice in Their Disadvantaged School? – George Theoharis/Marcia Ranieri: The Helpless, the Bullies, the Misguided, the Advocates: School Leaders and Inclusive School Reform – Lauren Stephenson: Developing a Leadership Education Framework: A Transformative Leadership Perspective – Barbara Harold: Arab Women: Emerging Leadership Patterns and Identities – Christa Boske: Educating Leaders for Social Justice – Carolyn M. Shields: Afterword: Towards an Appreciation of Critical Transformative Leadership.