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«Zwischen dem Meer und dem Nichtmehr»

Anxiety, Repression and Hope in the Works of Erich Fried


Billy Badger

Erich Fried’s poetry addresses both political and personal themes. Both thematic groups exist in a dialectic where the synthesis is both a concurrence and a convergence. Each provides a refuge from, and creates a resonance in, the other, so that both contents operate as mutual distractors and reminders. The intent of Fried’s œuvre forms a conduit which channels motivation from common antecedents. At the core of Fried’s poetry are latent anxieties, stemming from early events and relationships. Conscious of the normal psychological response to anxiety, Fried recommends an awareness which allows the anxiety to be combated at its source. He seeks to replace a laming anxiety with a fearless, loving and stimulating variant. This book explores the complex strait between anxiety and hope in the presence of despair.
Contents: Anxiety: Semantics and Sources – Natural Death – Atomic War – Loss, Loneliness and Death – Gegen Vergessen – Repressing of Natural Death – Repression of Death as a Consequence of (Atomic) War – A Courage to Fear – Hope and Utopia – Sermon on the Mount.