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Computer-Mediated Negotiation Across Borders

German-American Collaboration in Language Teacher Education


Carolin Fuchs

This book presents findings from a research project which provided future language teachers in Germany and in the US with the opportunity to experience computer-mediated collaboration. Overall goals of the project included preparing preservice language teachers to use computer technology in their future teaching, fostering electronic and professional literacies and cross-cultural learning. This volume explores institutional, technical, socio-cultural and linguistic challenges encountered by participants when jointly designing a website. Data collection instruments were triangulated, and a Grounded Theory approach was used to identify categories such as linguistic issues and missed negotiation opportunities. Based on her findings, the author makes recommendations for future projects and research.
Contents: Approaching the Research Niche – Reviewing CMC in Language Learning – Revisiting Cooperative Language Learning and Communicative Language Teaching, and Discussing Technology in Teacher Education – Laying out the Research Map – Contextualizing the Study: «CMC MIIS-Giessen» – Presenting the Quantitative and Qualitative Results of the Study – Analyzing the Groups’ (Topic) Negotiation in Email and Chat Transcripts – Discussing Paticipants’ Perspectives on CMC-Based Challenges – Revisiting the Key Principles of Negotiation and Calling for Further Research.