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The Role of Communication in Business Transactions and Relationships


Michael B. Hinner

Without communication, business is not possible. It is, therefore, desirable and necessary that communication be integrated into all aspects of business if one wishes to truly comprehend and succeed in business transactions and relationships. The contributing authors of this volume are all acknowledged experts in the field of communication. Their texts demonstrate how communication influences, directs, and determines virtually each and every facet of the business world. In turn, a better, more comprehensive understanding of business is possible.
Contents: Michael B. Hinner: General Introduction: Some Thoughts on Perceiving Business Transactions and Relationships – Charles R. Berger: Transparent and Opaque Communication: Coping with Uncertainty in Message Production and Processing – Edward T. Hall: Beyond Culture: Context and Meaning – Peter Bull: What Is Skilled Interpersonal Communication – Arthur B. VanGundy: The Care and Framing of Strategic Innovation Challenges – Timothy G. Plax/Louis F. Cecchi: Manager Decisions Based on Communication Facilitated in Focus Groups – Debbie D. DuFrene/Carol Lehman: The Role of Communication in Work Team Success – Angela Trethewey/Steve Corman: Anticipating K-Commerce: E-Commerce, Knowledge Management, and Organizational Communication – Theodore A. Avtgis/Andrew S. Rancer: The Theory of Independent-Mindedness: An Organizational Theory for Individualistic Cultures – Sarah J. Tracy: Becoming a Character for Commerce: Emotion Labor, Self-Subordination, and Discursive Construction of Identity in a Total Institution – Yasmin Gopal/Srinivas Melkote: New Work Paradigms? Implications for Communication and Coordination in Cross Cultural Virtual Teams – Radhika Gajjala: Shifting Frames: Race, Ethnicity, and Intercultural Communication in Online Social Networking and Virtual Work – Jensen Chung/Guo-Ming Chen: The Relationship between Cultural Context and Electronic-Mail Usage – Marco Yzer/Martin Fishbein/Joseph N. Cappella: Using Behavioral Theory to Investigate Routes to Persuasion for Segmented Groups: A Case Study of Adolescent Drug Use – Joseph Turow: Audience Construction and Culture Production: Marketing Surveillance in the Digital Age – Oscar H. Gandy, Jr./Zhan Li: Framing Comparative Risk: A Preliminary Analysis – Dirk Gibson: The Product Recall Blame Game: Public Relations Solutions for Product Recall Failures – Hui Zhang/Mei Zhong: Dynamics between Good Relation and Halo Effect in Crisis Management – Barbara Mueller: Ethics and Beyond: Corporate Social Responsibility and Doing Business in the Global Marketplace – Joseph Woelfel/N. J. Stoyanoff: The Galileo System: A Rational Alternative to the Dominant Paradigm for Social Science Research.