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Studies on evidentiality marking in West and South Slavic


Edited By Björn Wiemer

The present volume assembles six studies on the marking of evidential functions in Serbian (J. Čudomirović, Lj. Popović), Slovak (M. Ivanová) and Polish (A. Socka, P. Yildiz, B. Wiemer); four of them (plus an Introduction) are written in English, with a further article in Russian and German, respectively. The focus for the West Slavic languages is on sentential adverbs and so-called function words (particles, complementizers, etc.; M. Ivanová, A. Socka, P. Yildiz, B. Wiemer), as well as on the roots of evidential marking appearing in clause-combining with perception or seem-verbs in Polish (P. Yildiz) or Serbian (J. Čudomirović), for which different degrees of conventionalization are discussed. One article, however, additionally targets evidential extensions of past tense paradigms in Serbian (Lj. Popović), for which an analysis of a questionnaire survey is presented. All articles, with one exception, take a synchronic view of the aforementioned contemporary languages, mostly on the basis of corpus data. One study deals with early, "pre-evidential" stages in the development of the Polish comparison marker jakoby 'as if' (B. Wiemer). The interaction with, and relation to, epistemic meanings is accounted for in all the studies, but it is specifically focused on in two papers on Polish (P. Yildiz, B. Wiemer). A third paper on Polish (A. Socka) arrives at new conclusions concerning 'distance' from a discourse perspective, partially conventionalized in the lexical meaning of reportive sentence adverbs (or particles).

Introduction - Verbs of speech and perception as markers of evidentiality in Serbian: paths of semantic extension and conventionalization - Эвиденциальные функции глагольных форм прошедшего времени (аориста, усеченного перфекта, перфекта) в сербском языке - Evidential adverbs of perception-based inference in Slovak - Polish sentence adverbs of hearsay: syntactic and textual distribution - Zur Abgrenzung von Evidenzialität und epistemischer Modalität (anhand ausgewählter Beispiele aus dem Polnischen) - Zur Abgrenzung von Evidenzialität und epistemischer Modalität (anhand ausgewählter Beispiele aus dem Polnischen) - An outline of the development of Polish jakoby in 14th-16th century documents (based on dictionaries)