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Translation Studies across the Boundaries


Edited By Lucyna Harmon and Dorota Osuchowska

This book presents a wide range of topics and approaches in the nowadays Translation Studies, which includes popular, trendy issues as well as niche subjects that are rarely taken up in research. The chapters can be grouped into four thematic divisions that capture some major interests of translation scholars. They discuss the nature of the discipline as such and its dimensions, its development and tendencies in some countries, the process of translation from the perspective of translation practice as well as culture-specific elements in translation.

Research in contemporary translation studies – General theory of translation – Myth of the cultural turn – Interpreter’s profession in Latvia after 1988 – Translation of foreign literature in Hong Kong in the 1950s – Translation issues in the Amistad case – Lingua-cognitive aspects of translation – Queer (and) translation praxis – Dictionary use by translation – Foreign idiolect in translation – Cultural transplantation – Humour in audio-visual translation