Winners announced for the 2023 Peter Lang Emerging Scholars Competition

Peter Lang is delighted to announce the results of the 2023 Peter Lang Emerging Scholars Competition in Indigenous Studies:

Winner in North American Indigenous Studies

Deondre Smiles “Decolonized Afterlife”: Towards A New Understanding of the Spatial Politics of Indigenous Death

Honourable Mentions

Antonie Dvorakova Academia is a Tool: Holistic Tribal Worldviews Facilitate Resilience in Scholars from US Indigenous Nations

Amanda Mironova-Stronge “You are this universe and this universe is you”: An Ecocritical Study of Environmental Memory, Place, Cosmology and Orature in the Poetry of Joy Harjo

Planned for publication in the Critical Indigenous and American Indian Studies book series edited by Andrew Jolivette.

Winner in Australian Indigenous Studies

Yan Zhang The Journey in Recent Australian Fiction: Settler Colonial, Feminist and Indigenous Perspectives

Planned for publication in the Australian Studies: Interdisciplinary Perspectives book series edited by Anne Brewster.

Honourable Mention

Zac Roberts Parallel Journeys: Indigenous and Jewish Relations since 1788

We congratulate our winners! Thank you to our distinguished editorial board and to all those who took part in the competition.  

The Peter Lang Emerging Scholars Competition is an annual competition in selected fields. Please check back here for announcements about upcoming competitions next year.

For more information, please contact Dr Laurel Plapp ( or Dr Phil Dunshea, (

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