Peter Lang Group joins the OpenAthens Federation

Peter Lang Group is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with OpenAthens Federation, a significant step in our ongoing dedication to delivering a seamless and secure experience for users seeking access to our digital resources. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to facilitating global access to Peter Lang Group’s extensive collection by enabling OpenAthens’ single sign-on capabilities for our titles.

OpenAthens offers librarians and users a simplified, integrated experience both on and off-site, increasing the accessibility of valuable knowledge and research. This aligns with Peter Lang’s fundamental mission of disseminating critical, high-quality research to the global academic community.

Librarians can now choose from nearly 20,000 digital books spanning the humanities and social sciences for their users, with an addition of 1,100 new print and digital publications annually. This portfolio ensures that users have access to cutting-edge research across various disciplines. Our partnership with OpenAthens means that libraries who choose from the Peter Lang collection can now benefit from simple and secure access.

“Patterns of learning and study continue to evolve, as does the technology that supports scholarly publishing. OpenAthens is delighted to work with Peter Lang to ensure their high-quality knowledge and research is simpler and easier to access wherever the learning takes place.” Jon Bentley, Commercial Director, OpenAthens

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