Population, Famille et Société / Population, Family, and Society

Population, Famille et Société

Editors: Michel Oris
ISSN: 1660-6043

This series welcomes and encourages the dialogue between demography and family studies to revitalize social history as well as sociology and population studies. An international network of scholars based at the Laboratory of Demography and Family Studies of the University of Geneva has initiated an open-minded series that seeks to reflect the latest developments in research. The collection emphasizes comparative and international perspectives, as well as interdisciplinary approaches drawing from history, economics, statistics, sociology, geography, demography, and cultural anthropology. Innovative methodologies for both qualitative and quantitative analysis which allow authors to reformulate old problems and ask new questions are particular welcome. The series publishes both individual and collective volumes. The first group encompasses case studies or monographs coming from the Swiss or the international scientific world, including the best Ph.D. dissertations. The second group refers to collective volumes organized around a topic emerging from a scientific debate, with contributions from various disciplinary fields and/or geographic horizons.