Gesellschaften und Staaten im Epochenwandel / Societies and States in Transformation

Gesellschaften und Staaten im Epochenwan

The series “Societies and States in Transformation” offers an interdisciplinary forum for investigations of radical changes in world history with their concomitant social, political, cultural, and economic upheavals. Focus is thus laid on people and societies, both as actors and agencies in processes of transformation and as objects of such changes. These issues are addressed not only in the context of the intense ideological, institutional, and sociological shifts of the 20th Century, but also from deeper historical perspectives, and with a concern for processes currently emerging on the global horizon. The series thus deals with the various forms of expression in time and space that reflect the reactions to the challenges posed by epochal change brought about by the affected societies and nations. It includes works from historical and political science, sociology, socio-cultural anthropology, and cultural studies with the aim of facilitating interdisciplinary communication and interaction.
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