Sprachliche Konstruktion sozialer Grenzen: Identitäten und Zugehörigkeiten / Linguistic Construction of Social Boundaries: Identities and Belonging

Sprachliche Konstruktion sozialer Grenzen

ISSN: 2509-4505

This series focuses on linguistic negotiations of belonging, covering processes of identity construction and group formation (groupness) in social, spatial and temporal terms. At the interface between linguistic, sociological, ethnographic and cultural sciences research, it seeks to depict different communities in their cultural and language practices, which can be implicit in routines of everyday encounters or subject to negotiations and adjustment. Bi- and plurilingual – as well as migratory contexts – are particularly suitable for inquiries regarding belonging. It is often an overt subject of debate within these communities, as the outcome determines the in- or exclusion of members.
This series therefore offers a vital and transdisciplinary contribution to recent discussions on belonging. Book proposals are welcome and may be submitted to the editors. All publications will be peer reviewed.