Documents diplomatiques français – 1944–1954, sous la direction de Georges-Henri Soutou

Documents diplomatiques français 1944–1954

Editors: M.D.A.É.

The purpose of the «French Diplomatic Documents» (DDF) is to present year on year the most significant documents relating to French Foreign Policy – preserved by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A rigorous scientific method is employed for the document selection undertaken by independent groups of scholars and historians under the direction of eminent academics. For this purpose, the groups of scholars are provided complete access to all archives, produced or received by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In order to facilitate reading, the selection of the documents published is annotated using a methodical table, footnotes and an index of names. The DDF series is an indispensable tool for information concerning the history of international relations and French diplomacy during the course of the 20th century.
The series consists of the following collections:
Documents diplomatiques français – 1914–-1916
Edited by Pr Jean-Claude Montant
Documents diplomatiques français – 1917-–1919
Edited by Pr Robert Frank
Documents diplomatiques français – 1920–-1932
Edited by Pr Christian Baechler
Documents diplomatiques français – 1932–-1935 et 1936-–1939
Edited by Pr Pierre Renouvin (†) and Jean-Baptiste Duroselle (†)
Documents diplomatiques français – 1939-–1944
Edited by Pr André Kaspi
Documents diplomatiques français – 1944-–1954
Edited by Pr Georges-Henri Soutou
Documents diplomatiques français – depuis 1954
Edited by Pr Maurice Vaïsse
The 1932–-1935 and 1936-–1939 series were published under the responsibility of the Commission for the
publishing of documents on the origins of the Second World War. The «French Diplomatic Documents»
publications currently in preparation are chaired by the Diplomatic Archives Commission.