Studies in Culture, Literary Theory, and History

Editors: Ryszard Nycz
ISSN: 2191-6179

The series Cross-Roads offers a platform that welcomes publications of the most outstanding Polish and non-Polish scholars dealing with culture, literary theory and history developed on the cross roads between the East and the West. We invite academic works (essay collections, monographs and as well as volume-length texts) on a wide range of topics, including historical and recent developments in literary and cultural studies. As the title "cross roads" indicates, we wish this series to be a meeting point for a variety of academic approaches relating both to literary theory and history as well as cultural and anthropological studies, challenging the complexity of both contemporary and historical empirical research undertakings. This is why we encourage diverse, interdisciplinary, comparative and multi-faceted takes that may put a new light on theoretical analyses as well as on pragmatic discussions, enabling new ways of interpreting the particular historical legacy situated and rooted on the cross-roads between the West and the East of Europe.