Fremdsprachendidaktik inhalts- und lernerorientiert / Foreign Language Pedagogy – content- and learner-oriented

Content and Learner-oriented Foreign Language Pedagogy is dedicated to theoretical, practical and current issues in foreign language learning and teaching. One of the main focuses of Hannover's Department of Foreign Language Pedagogy is media didactics. It encompasses fields such as artistic media, fine arts and music, (volumes 1, 12 and 17) as well as digitized media. They are analyzed from the perspective of their potential contribution to language education (volumes 7 and 28). As well as discussing media-related pedagogy (also covered in volumes 1, 11, 15 and 20 on media didactics) this book series deals with teaching literature (volumes 5 and 10) and content and language integrated learning (CLIL) (volumes 9, 21 and 26). Over the last few years, empirical research has been published on learner language, assessment and the implementation of the language portfolio (volumes 23, 25 and 26).
Previous publications have included work by guest researchers, and the publishers welcome ideas for future manuscripts.
Co-founder: Karlheinz Hellwig
Prior to publication, the quality of the works published in this series is reviewed by all editors of the series.