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Empowerment through Language and Education

Cases and Case Studies from North America, Europe, Africa and Japan


Albert Weideman and Birgit Smieja

Contents: Albert Weideman/Birgit Smieja: Introduction. Language, Empowerment and Education: An Enduring Concern – Carol Benson: Bilingual Programs as Educational Development: Access, Quality Empowerment and Equity – Jeff Siegel: Empowering Speakers of Unstandardized Varieties: The Awareness Approach – Olaf Jäkel: An Empowering Approach to Teaching Literature: Socratic Discourse Evaluation – Olenka Bilash: The Rocky Road to Reversing Language Shift in a Cree Community in Canada – Birgit Brock-Utne: Understanding What the Teacher Is Saying - Code-switching and Code-mixing in the Tanzanian Classroom – Christine Simone Sing: Multilingualism as Empowerment? Is English Disempowering German Learners? – Elizabeth J. Erling/Suzanne K. Hilgendorf: English in the German University: A Means of Disadvantage or Empowerment? – Christa van der Walt: Motivation and Empowerment: Opposing Forces? – Albert Weideman: Design Considerations for Academic Literacy Courses: Meeting the Challenges of Higher Education – Yvonne Ellis: The Reality of Authentic: Exploring the Use of Forms and Authentic Text in an EFL Context in Japan.