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Transforming a Learning Society

The Case of Finland


Ari Antikainen

What underlies the Finnish success in international comparisons of education? This book consists of a rich and stimulating collection of articles dealing with educational institutions, education policy and life histories of learners in a swiftly changing Nordic society. Educational contexts covered range from comprehensive school and special education to higher education and lifelong learning. The articles can be read as studies on the extent and form of the realization of a Finnish learning society within global, Nordic and national parameters.
Contents: Ari Antikainen: Introduction: The Construction of a Learning Society – Ari Antikainen: The Rise and Change of Comprehensive Planning in 1960-1990 – Leena Koski: From God to Friendship: The Changing Moral Orders of Educational Stories in ABC Books – Hannu Räty/Leila Snellman: Social Representations of Educability – Ari Antikainen: Is Lifelong Learning Becoming a Reality? The Case of Finland from a Comparative Perspective – Erja Moore: The Changing Patterns of University Studies; Towards Lifelong Learning in Universities – Erkki Sutinen/Marja Virmajoki-Tyrväinen/Marjo Virnes: Physical Learning Objects Can Improve Social Skills in Special Education – Perttu Vartiainen/Arto Viiri: Universities and Their Local Partners. The Case of the University of Joensuu, Finland – Jukka Oksa: How to be Rural in the Information Age: The Case of a Rural Community Network in a Finnish Periphery – Ari Antikainen: Between Empowerment and Control. The Finnish Adult Education and Training Initiative – Pirkko Pitkänen/Kaija Matinheikki-Kokko: Multicultural Education as an Educational Response to the Increase in Immigration in Finland – Ari Antikainen/Katja Komonen: Biography, Life Course and the Sociology of Education – Ari Antikainen/Juha Kauppila: Educational Generations and the Futures of Adult Education: A Nordic Experience – Juha Kauppila/Anne Ahvenharju (with Erja Moore and Ari Antikainen): Teacher Generations in Finland. A Biographical Study of the Key Experiences and Life Course Trajectories of Teachers – Päivi Kauppila/Mari Käyhkö: Life History Approach to Social Reproduction: Educational Choices among Young Working-Class Students – Ari Antikainen: In Search of the Meaning of Education and Learning in Life-Histories – Erja Moore/Tiina Tikka/Ari Antikainen: The Importance of Work and Education in an Information Society – Ari Antikainen/Päivi Harinen: Living and Learning in a Changing European Periphery – Ari Antikainen: The Nordic Model in Education.