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  • Title: Threat


    Essays in French Literature, Thought and Visual Culture
    by Georgina Evans (Volume editor) Adam Kay (Volume editor) 2011
    ©2010 Conference proceedings
  • Title: Leszek Kołakowski in Memoriam

    Leszek Kołakowski in Memoriam

    by Jacek Migasinski (Author) 2012
    ©2012 Monographs
  • Title: One Story of Academia

    One Story of Academia

    Race Lines and the Rhetoric of Distinction through the Académie française
    by Moussa Traore (Author) 2011
    ©2010 Monographs
  • Title: The Holy Spirit and Salvation in African Christian Theology

    The Holy Spirit and Salvation in African Christian Theology

    Imagining a More Hopeful Future for Africa
    by David Tonghou Ngong (Author) 2010
    ©2010 Monographs
  • Title: Curriculum Studies Guidebooks

    Curriculum Studies Guidebooks

    Volume 2- Concepts and Theoretical Frameworks
    by Marla B. Morris (Author) 2016
    ©2016 Textbook
  • Title: Imagined Australia

    Imagined Australia

    Reflections around the reciprocal construction of identity between Australia and Europe
    by Renata Summo-O'Connell (Volume editor) 2012
    ©2010 Edited Collection
  • Title: The Logic of Cultures

    The Logic of Cultures

    Three Structures of Philosophical Thought
    by Paul Taborsky (Author) 2011
    ©2010 Monographs
  • Title: Scrapbooks, Snapshots and Memorabilia

    Scrapbooks, Snapshots and Memorabilia

    Hidden Archives of Performance
    by Glen McGillivray (Author) 2011
    ©2011 Edited Collection
  • Title: New Studies on Lex Regia

    New Studies on Lex Regia

    Right, Philology and Fides Historica in Holland Between the 17 th and 18 th Centuries
    by Fabrizio Lomonaco (Author) 2011
    ©2011 Monographs
  • Title: Technopathogenology


    Technology and Non-Evident Risk – A Contribution to Prevention
    by Guillermo Miguel Eguiazu (Author) Alberto Motta (Author) 2012
    ©2012 Monographs
  • Title: Intellectual Narratives

    Intellectual Narratives

    Theory, History and Self-Characterization of Social Margins in Public Writings
    by Alex Ching-Shing Chan (Author) 2011
    ©2012 Thesis
  • Title: Chaos and Coincidence in Contemporary Spanish Fiction

    Chaos and Coincidence in Contemporary Spanish Fiction

    by Anne L. Walsh (Author) 2012
    ©2012 Monographs
  • Title: Tolerance


    Stages in modernity from Holland to Italy
    by Fabrizio Lomonaco (Author) 2013
    ©2013 Monographs
  • Title: Europe: Civilizations Clashing

    Europe: Civilizations Clashing

    From Athens to the European Union
    by Piotr Jaroszyński (Author) Lindael Rolstone (Author) 2019
    ©2019 Monographs
  • Title: #NousSommes


    Collectivity and the Digital in French Thought and Culture
    by Susie Cronin (Volume editor) Sofia Ropek Hewson (Volume editor) Cillian Ó Fathaigh (Volume editor) 2020
    ©2020 Edited Collection
  • Title: The Uses and Abuses of Antiquity

    The Uses and Abuses of Antiquity

    by Michael Biddiss (Volume editor) Maria Wyke (Volume editor)
    ©1999 Edited Collection
  • Title: Confucianism in the Eyes of a Confucian Liberal

    Confucianism in the Eyes of a Confucian Liberal

    Hsu Fu-kuan's Critical Examination of the Confucian Political Tradition
    by Honghe Liu (Author)
    ©2001 Monographs
  • Title: Virtual Morality

    Virtual Morality

    Morals, Ethics, and New Media
    by Mark J.P. Wolf (Volume editor)
    ©2004 Textbook
  • Title: Animations (of Deleuze and Guattari)

    Animations (of Deleuze and Guattari)

    by Jennifer Daryl Slack (Volume editor)
    ©2003 Textbook
  • Title: Formless


    Ways In and Out of Form
    by Patrick Crowley (Volume editor) Paul Hegarty (Volume editor)
    ©2005 Conference proceedings
  • Title: Language, Image and Silence

    Language, Image and Silence

    Kierkegaard and Wittgenstein on Ethics and Aesthetics
    by Onno Zijlstra (Author)
    ©2006 Monographs
  • Title: The Figure of the Road

    The Figure of the Road

    Deconstructive Studies in Humanities Disciplines
    by Christopher Morris (Author)
    ©2007 Monographs
  • Title: Transmissions


    Essays in French Literature, Thought and Cinema
    by Isabelle McNeill (Volume editor) Bradley Stephens (Volume editor)
    ©2007 Conference proceedings
  • Title: Seeking the Self

    Seeking the Self

    Individualism and Popular Culture in Japan
    by Satomi Ishikawa (Author)
    ©2007 Thesis
  • Title: Joseph Cornell

    Joseph Cornell

    Opening the Box
    by Jason Edwards (Volume editor) Stephanie L. Taylor (Volume editor)
    ©2007 Conference proceedings
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