Philology now available on Ingenta Connect

December 14, 2016

We are happy to announce that the first volume of our new journal Philology. An International Journal on the Evolution of Languages, Cultures and Texts is now available on Ingenta Connect. Philology is devoted to the study of human traditions as they emerge from oral, written, digital, performed, ancient and modern texts and ethnotexts. Its purpose is to go beyond the boundaries of habitual fields of inquiry and to study the wide-reaching webs of relationships among humans and their artefacts, including texts. The journal advocates an unconventional, multicultural look on the origins and evolution of languages, texts and signs, challenging the traditional trails of philology, the former ‘queen of sciences’.

The journal is open to a wide variety of interdisciplinary approaches, from the study of linguistic evolution to literary interpretation, from textual criticism to the investigation of texts and ethnotexts, from etymological reconstructions to the cognitive analyses of archaeological facies. The Journal is edited by Francesco Benozzo, Università di Bologna.