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Debating European Identity

Bright Ideas, Dim Prospects

Edited by Branislav Radeljic

This edited volume, premised on the development and survival of the European integrationist project, tackles some crucial questions which have the potential to affect European Union performance if not addressed properly and in a timely manner. It evaluates the basic understanding and power of European identity as a medium in the overall process, as well as the responses offered by the individual states and supranational elites and their respective publics. Needless to say, economic, political and social aspects are serious enough individually that each can challenge and erode further the often problematic connection between the elites and the public – a connection confirming its full relevance in times of crisis when the future of European unity seems even less certain.
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European Community – Yugoslav Relations

Debates and Documents that Mattered (1968–1992)

Branislav Radeljić

Official relations between the then European Community and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia were established in 1968. The two decades that followed were a period of great uncertainty, culminating in the late 1980s, with many Community officials being quite sceptical about the future of the Yugoslav federation. The Community’s decision in early 1992 to recognize Slovenia and Croatia as independent states, leading to the disintegration of Yugoslavia, has inspired numerous diametrically opposed explanations of policy choices, often raising as many questions as they answer.

This volume is a unique selection of valuable archival material dealing with different aspects of cooperation between the European Community and Yugoslavia. While offering a range of fresh insights, the primary sources presented here also contribute to a greater understanding of the ever-present dilemma regarding the survival of the former Yugoslav state.