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Church History

Five Approaches to a Global Discipline

Dyron Daughrity

This lively book not only unpacks the history of Christianity, but also explains how church history is created and organized. Different from traditional church history textbooks, the book:
Has a global emphasis, rather than an exclusively Euro-American one;
Explains the discipline of church history in addition to the content;
Is readable, engaging, and inviting to new students;
Makes church history accessible rather than stressing obscure dates and names.
Conceptually, this book is revolutionary. The story of Christianity is never complete: it only expands. By allowing fresh players into the story, broadening our perspective to include women, the working class, heretics, and priests outside mainstream «orthodoxy,» we become open to new ways of understanding. And these new perspectives enhance our comprehension of the endlessly surprising story of Christianity's past.
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Bishop Stephen Neill

From Edinburgh to South India

Dyron Daughrity

Bishop Stephen Neill (1900-1984) was one of the most gifted figures of world Christianity during the twentieth century. Once referred to as a «much-tempted, brilliant, enigmatic man» his voluminous writings reveal little about the scholar himself. From his birth in Edinburgh to his stellar student career in Cambridge to his meteoric rise through the clerical ranks in South India, Bishop Neill’s life was also riddled with discord.
Based on interviews and archival research in India and England, Bishop Stephen Neill: From Edinburgh to South India answers many of the questions surrounding this distinguished Christian statesman’s conflicted life up to the abrupt and puzzling termination of his bishopric.
This biographical work takes the reader deep into the life and times of one of the doyens of Christian missions. Intersecting with many remarkable personalities during the first half of his life – William Temple, Amy Carmichael, Malcolm Muggeridge, V. S. Azariah, A. D. Nock, Foss Westcott, and Verrier Elwin – Neill’s legacy remains. Through his life, readers will enter into the interwoven contexts of India and England during the final decades of the British Raj. Students of Christian missions and world Christianity will find this book indispensable to their libraries.
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The Changing World of Christianity

The Global History of a Borderless Religion

Dyron Daughrity

Christianity has changed. Formerly known as the religion of Europe and North America, it is now a religion of the Global South: Asia, Africa, and Latin America. However, Christianity has never been merely a Western phenomenon – it has always been a borderless religion. Indeed, in six of the world’s eight cultural blocks, Christianity is the largest faith.
With convenient maps, helpful statistics, and concise histories of each of the world’s major cultural blocks, The Changing World of Christianity is a dynamic guide for understanding Christianity’s new ethos. From Ireland to Papua New Guinea, Argentina to China, South Africa to Russia, this book provides a clear and encyclopedic look at Christianity, the world’s largest and most global religion.