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Education for All?

The Legacy of Free Post-Primary Education in Ireland

Edited by Judith Harford

This book, commissioned to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of free post-primary education in Ireland, examines its origins, legacy and impact. The contributions are written by a range of scholars internationally recognized for their expertise in the fields of history of education, sociology of education, education policy and curriculum. Collectively, they theorize both the historical context for the introduction of free education as well as the impact of the initiative on the promotion of equality of opportunity. The book takes a long view, bringing new knowledge to the field by analysing previously unexamined primary sources, drawing on up-to-date research on educational disadvantage and assessing the changing emphases of Irish educational policy over time.
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Gender and Leadership in Education

Women Achieving Against the Odds

Edited by Kay Fuller and Judith Harford

The under-representation of women in leadership positions in educational settings is a widely acknowledged, complex phenomenon that seems to persist, despite the fact that teaching as a profession is dominated by women. Over recent decades, scholars have investigated the factors contributing towards this under-representation, with a particular focus on the personal, organisational and social/cultural levels.

This volume has been compiled in honour of Marianne Coleman, Emeritus Reader in Educational Leadership and Management at the Institute of Education, University College London. She is widely regarded as one of the most significant scholars globally in the field of gender and educational leadership, forging the research agenda and mentoring some of the scholars who contribute essays here. Amongst the key questions the book asks are: Why does society continue to accept male leaders as the norm? What barriers do women who seek leadership positions face? What supports do women require in order to encourage them to pursue leadership positions? How do women working in leadership positions conceive of their role as leaders? How might women’s educational leadership be best supported at an institutional level?

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Have Women Made a Difference?

Women in Irish Universities, 1850–2010

Judith Harford and Claire Rush

Emanating from a conference celebrating one hundred years of women in university education in Ireland (‘Women in Higher Education: Have Women Made a Difference?’, 2007), this collection brings together papers from leading scholars in the fields of education, history, literature, nursing, social policy and women’s studies. Tracing the evolution of women’s role in university education from the nineteenth century to the present day, the book captures the complexity of women’s position within the academy and poses the critical question: ‘Have women made a difference?’
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Edited by Judith Harford and Marie Martin

Rethinking education has never been more important. While there are many examples of good, innovative practice in teaching and learning at all levels, the conventional education mindset has proved largely resistant to pedagogic or systemic change, remaining preoccupied with the delivery of standardised packages in a standardised fashion, relatively unresponsive to the diversity of learners’ experiences and inclinations as well as to the personal perspectives of individual teachers. The challenge of our times in relation to education is to help transform that mindset.

This series takes up this challenge. It re-examines perennial major issues in education and opens up new ones. It includes, but is not confined to, pedagogies for transforming the learning experience, any-time-any-place learning, new collaborative technologies, fresh understandings of the roles of teachers, schools and other educational institutions, providing for different learning styles and for students with special needs, and adapting to changing needs in a changing environment.

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Quality Assurance and Teacher Education

International Challenges and Expectations


Edited by Judith Harford, Brian Hudson and Hannele Niemi

Ensuring quality in and through teaching and learning has become a fundamental global concern. Emanating from a colloquium on Quality Assurance and Teacher Education hosted by University College Dublin in 2010 and funded by the European Educational Research Association, this book interrogates how quality cultures can be fostered in the field of education. The volume brings together a series of background and case study chapters from leading scholars in the field of teacher education internationally.